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Boston Market bids farewell to salt

Boston Market 86s salt

Boston Market 86s salt. Photo via sxc photo.

Boston Market restaurants announced today efforts to drastically reduce sodium content in many of their signature dishes. But their salt expulsion won’t stop there. They will also remove it from the tables. While the salt shakers will be nixed at the tables, Boston Market says they’ll keep a set at the beverage station for those who cannot live without. The pepper shall remain, minus their long-time partner in crime.

According to USA Today, the restaurant mainly known for it’s rotisserie chickens, made the decision based on what it’s competitors were doing and pressure from health advocacy groups. Several fast food restaurants have made the move towards healthier options and lower sodium including Burger King and Olive Garden.

CEO George Michel said the tables, bereft of salt, is an effort to raise public awareness about the risks of increased salt intake. The restaurant chain plans to decrease the salt value in three offerings by 20% over the next six months. Those signature items include rotisserie chicken, macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes.

Michael Jacobson, executive direction at the Center for Science in the Public Interest said, “If Americans cut their intake of sodium by about 50%, that would save up to 100,000 lives per year.”

Boston Market says they’ll offset the flavor loss by adding more herbs and spices to their foods.