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FTC refunds consumers of certain kinds of kids vitamins

If you bought children's gummies vitamins in the past, you may be eligible for refund

Some kids vitamins accused of making false health claims, FTC issues refunds based on settlement. Photo via FTC.

Consumers of certain Disney or Marvel Hero themed children’s vitamins may be eligible for a refund if they bought kid’s vitamins that the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) found to be using deceptive marketing practices. The offer comes after a settlement was reached in 2010 with marketer NBTY Inc. and two of it’s subsidiaries. The FTC further inspected several children’s “gummies” vitamins with well known character marketing such as the Disney Princess, Winnie the Pooh, Finding Nemo, Spider Man, Cars etc., which claimed to promote “healthy brain and eye development” in children. The FTC tested the product and found that only trace amounts of DHA, the omgea-3 fatty acid in which the claims were based on, found in the vitamins. The amount of DHA was not significant enough to warrant any kind of health benefits determined the FTC.

According to an FTC press release, the marketers of the vitamins have agreed to pay out $2.1 million to the FTC as a settlement. The FTC is now disbursing those funds to consumers who believe they may have purchased these vitamins between May 1, 2008 and September 30, 2010. No proof of purchase is necessary to file a claim. The FTC is using the honor system in the settlement.

If you believe you have purchased these specific vitamins, under these false claims, you can file a claim online here or call the FTC complaint line at 1-877-FTC-HELP.