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Police: Mother stabbed 6-year-old daughter while she slept

Tasha D. Harmon, 30, accused of nearly stabbing 6-year-old daughter to death while she was sleeping. Mug shot Fitchburg Police Dept.

A young Wisconsin girl is in critical condition today after police were called to the scene of what they believe to be a murder attempt against a young child by her own mother. Although the 6-year-old is expected to survive, she suffered significant injuries. Her mother, Tasha Harmon, 30-years-old, is accused of stabbing her young daughter earlier this week, leaving her with deep puncture wounds to her chest and back, resulting in a punctured lung. Harmon reportedly attacked her daughter while she was still sleeping with a 7 inch long steak knife.

Harmon then stabbed herself and ran to a neighbors house and announced that she had tried to kill herself and her daughter. The neighbor reportedly ran to Harmon’s apartment and found the little girl covered in blood. She then called police.

According to the Wisconsin State Journal, the police report states that the little girl, named Adrianna, told an officer, “Mommy tried to kill me.”

Harmon reportedly told one of the officers at the scene, “I went crazy, tried to kill my daughter and myself.”

Harmon was found with self inflicted wounds and was taken to the hospital. She is also in critical condition. Police say they will likely file felony charges against Harmon, including first degree attempted murder.

Harmon has a criminal record consisting of bail jumping, reckless endangerment from 2007, several misdemeanors and writing bad checks.