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Roller coaster riders stuck for nearly two hours

Riders get stuck for 2 hours on roller coaster in California

Superman roller coaster at Six Flags Discovery Bay, California where riders got stuck for two hours. Photo via Six Flags.

Riders of the Superman roller coaster at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, California got more than they bargained for when they got stuck on the top of the first hill on Sunday at around 3:15 pm. The 12 riders remained perched upon the top of the first incline, 150 feet in the air, for nearly two hours.

According to one witness, Tiffany Sanchez, this is the second time the Superman coaster has gotten stuck since it debuted, only four weeks ago.

The riders, who were all positioned upright, were given water by safety crews as mechanics worked to get the coaster moving again. Because the first attempt didn’t work, firefighters were called to the scene in case the riders had to be evacuated by rescue baskets. Eventually, the ride did get started again and the train was brought down backwards and into the station.

No injuries were reported. Firefighters did give the riders water to prevent them from dehydrating. According to their website, the ride is temporarily closed.

Six Flags has not yet said whether they will offer the riders some form of compensation for the incident.