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Barrage of threats against Walmart stores prompt evacuation

Midwest Walmarts shut down after bomb threats. Photo via Walmart press department.

At least eight Walmart retail stores in Missouri and three in Kansas reported receiving bomb threats over the weekend prompting authorities to evacuate the stores in search of explosives.  The calls started coming in on Friday evening and went through until Sunday.

Missouri Police Chief Eric Hovis said this about the caller:

“It was an automated call and the voice said there’s a bomb in the building. [The caller said] You have two hours to get everybody out this store. This is not a joke.”

The caller also threatened that many people would die as a result of explosives that were planted in various Walmarts. The threats meants that customers and employees had to evacuate quickly, sending everyone into a panic. Police say they swept the Walmarts and that no explosives were found.

According to ABC News, FBI profiler Brad Garett believes the caller has an issue with Walmart and may be a disgruntled former employee.