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Pregnant movie massacre victim's unborn baby stable, 6-year-old daughter dead

Youngest child victim's mother shot in stomach is pregnant

Veronica Moser, 6, dead after deranged gunman killed her and 11 others in Colorado movie massacre. Family photo.

A young man paced in front of an emergency room early Saturday morning was eventually asked by a reporter if his family was okay. He said that his wife was taken there, after she was shot in the throat and the stomach, barely clinging to life. His 6-year-old daughter, Veronica Moser, was already dead. Veronica was the youngest victim to sustain fatal injuries in Friday night’s movie massacre at an Aurora, Colorado theater.

Today, the killer gunman, James Holmes, 24, was arraigned, sporting neon orange and red hair, in a courtroom this morning. Prosecutors asked for a continuance, citing the need to compile more evidence and determine the extent of charges to be filed against the mass murderer suspect.

Miraculously however, Veronica’s mother, Ashley Moser, 25, has apparently survived the ordeal and even more surprisingly, Ashley’s family revealed that Ashley is pregnant and that the unborn child survived in spite of Ashley sustaining a direct bullet wound to the stomach.

Initial reports stated that the unborn fetus didn’t survive, but according the Mirror UK, Ashley’s brother confirmed today that the baby is going to be okay.

Ashley has reportedly undergone hours of invasive surgery and remains in critical condition. A family member said Ashley wanted to know if her “baby girl” (referring to the now deceased Veronica) was okay after she woke up. Family members were faced with the heart wrenching task of having to tell her that her daughter was gone.

Ashley’s grandmother said, “She took it very badly. Veronica was a delightful, lively little girl. She was a lovely child, very engaging. It’s a terrible, terrible tragedy.”