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Young man dies during marathon gaming session

Young mandies while gaming for 40 hours. Photo by mzacha

Diablo III has been a heavily-anticipated game; maybe that’s why so many gamers have engaged in marathon play sessions since the game was released on May 15. Unfortunately, the obsession with the game has proven fatal for at least one fan.

The Australian Associated Press reports that an 18-year old Diablo III player in Taiwan, identified only as Chuang, was recently found dead after a marathon session with the game that lasted over 40 hours.

Reports indicate that the player booked a room at his local Internet café launched himself into the game. He apparently did not stop for sleep or food the entire time. A café employee found him passed out on a table. Chuang woke up, but then collapsed after taking a few steps. He was rushed to a hospital where he was later pronounced dead. Authorities are stll waiting on autopsy results, but they theorize that the long period of sitting still could have created fatal blood clots.

This is actually the second game-marathon-related death in Taiwan this year. Chen Rong-yu had a fatal heart attack in February while playing League of Legends in an Internet café in Taipei. It was another nine hours before other players noticed he had died.

Although it’s rare for someone to die in an internet cafe’, it can happen when the players have such intense concentration that they ignore the need to eat and sleep.

As the gaming industry grows, there is more and more concern about gaming addiction and deaths related to it.