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8-year-old Iowa girl bitten by rabid bat

An 8-year-old Idaho girl has to undergo rabies vaccinations after being bit by bat. Photo via M Nota.

A young Iowa girl, Jasmine Ruiz, 8-years-old, was bit by a bat on Tuesday afternoon. The girl was playing near a creek in Caldwell when a bat crawled up her leg and bit her. The girl’s mother called 911 and the bat was captured. Today, Animal Control confirmed that the bat tested positive for rabies.

Although 3 bats have tested positive in Canyon County this summer, only one has actually bitten someone said David Loper, Environmental Health Director for Southwest District Health Center.

Jasmine will have to undergo a series of four rabies shots. She received the first one today.

The CDC states that rabies shots are highly effective if given soon after an infected bite. If a rabies infection goes untreated, it can be fatal, affecting the central nervous system, causing brain swelling and “mad”, involuntary movements. The vaccine must be administered before the onset of severe symptoms in order for it to be successful.