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Autistic girl falls from window, caught by neighbor

Girl falls from 3rd story apartment, miraculously caught by neighbor. Screen capture via ABC News.

While mother Shaleema McCree was helping her young son go to the bathroom, her 7-year-old autistic daughter, Keyla, was pushing out a piece holding an air conditioning unit in the window of the family’s 3rd story Coney Island apartment. The little girl was able to wiggle her way through the tiny opening.

Witnesses informed the New York Post that Keyla did not immediately fall from the window. Rather, she stood precariously upon the unit, swaying.

Neighbors scrambled for help. WPIX TV in New York reports that one parent called 911 while other witnesses bounded upstairs to warn the McCrees.

Steve St. Bernard had just returned from work when he noticed the situation. He quickly moved into action and positioned himself into the bushes under the window. He made it just in time.

Soon after he was in position, Keyla tumbled and fell into his arms.

Both Keyla and St. Bernard were treated at Coney Island Hospital. St. Bernard suffered a torn tendon. He told ABC News that he saw Keyla in the hospital and she is doing fine.

In response to people calling him a hero, St. Bernard told ABC News, “No. A hero is a sandwich. I just saw a kid, that’s it.” The 52-year-old MTA bus driver and father of four said that he would do the same for any kid.