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Teen boy vanishes while swimming in Lake Michigan

A 15-year-old boy from Portage, Indiana is missing after friends said he disappeared while they were swimming. The victim, Corey McFry, was reportedly swept away by a strong lake current off a beach near the Indiana Dunes. The incident happened Sunday after the teen and three of his friends decided to go swimming.

Beach area near where Cory McFry went missing in Lake Michigan off coast of Indiana Dunes. Photo via

Conservation Officer Bryce Kilmek told CBS News that the rescue mission turned into a recovery mission today given the length of time the boy has been missing. Kilmek said, “At this point, we are working as a recovery operation, due to the fact that the subject has presumably been in the water now overnight, and it happened quite some time ago.”

The water was reportedly rough when the teens headed out to swim with a rip current advisory in place at the time of the incident. Waves had swelled to up to 5 feet high making rescue efforts more difficult.

Friends say they were standing on a sandbar when McFry got swept away. They heard cries for help, but could not locate the teen. After the boy went under the current, friends say he was not seen again.