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Toddler may be blind after mother's felon boyfriend beat him

David L. Sinnett aka “Bread” arrested for assaulting a toddler who may be blind in one eye due to suspected multiple beatings. Photo via Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

A 2-year-old Polk County Florida boy may lose sight in his right eye after his mother’s boyfriend, David “Bread” Sinnett, 32, beat him repeatedly with a hanger and other unidentified objects. According to the Polk County Police, Sinnett has a long record of charges stemming from drug dealing, weapons charges, burglary and murder. Sinnett has the word “Hustla” tattooed on his stomach, a tattoo he got while serving time at a federal prison. He also has a tattoo of the state of Florida on his left arm.

Doctors reported that the tot was brought into the ER with multiple injuries which appeared to have developed over time. One of the boy’s attending physicians, Dr. Blind, said that the boy’s injuries indicate multiple beatings and that the boy suffered a broken bone between his nose and eye, which could leave the boy blind in one eye. The young victim also presented with multiple contusions and welts all over his body.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the boy’s relatives told authorities that Sinnett was always messing with the boy.

The boy’s mother admitted to being present when Sinnett started beating the boy with a hanger. She told investigators that Sinnett became angry with the boy when he failed to pronounce his sister’s name correctly, due to his speech impediment. The boy’s mother said that she left the room because she couldn’t watch her son get beaten.

Sinnett admitted to  investigators that he hit the boy with a hanger. He claimed to strike the boy because he was too close to an electrical outlet and that the other injuries were likely a result of the toddler falling off a skateboard, but authorities and medical staff say the injuries are not consistent with falling off a skateboard.

Sinnett is currently being held and has been charged with aggravated child abuse.