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Mother leaves toddler home alone to go drinking

Toddler left locked in home so mother can go drinking. Photo via stock.xchng.

Stephanie Davis, 21, of Cumming, Georgia was arrested on June 22 for speeding and driving under the influence after partying at a sports bar. While being detained, she called her mother to let her know that someone was watching her toddler son at home.

After speaking with her daughter, Davis’ mother believed that the child actually may have been left unattended. According to WSBTV in Atlanta, the mother called authorities and requested that they do a welfare check on the child.

When police arrived at the home, they broke their way in after hearing the boy’s cries. The boy was found trapped in his room without food or water.

Forsyth Sheriff Ted Paxton revealed in a press release some of the severity of the situation. He said, “The child was dressed in a dirty white T-shirt. He had removed his diaper himself and it was on the floor, filled to overflowing with feces. The child had feces on his hands, feet and legs.”

The Alpharetta-Milton Patch reports that garbage, dirty dishes, and rotting food were found in the kitchen. About 50 bags of garbage were found on the home’s porch. The police officers who responded described the residence as “filthy.”

The police officers cleaned the child up and gave him something to eat and drink. The child is currently in protective custody.

Two dogs were also found at the scene. One was caged at the time. Both were given water and then handed over to Animal Control.

Stephanie Davis has been charged with child endangerment and reckless conduct.