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Heroic mom dies shielding toddler from tornado

Heather Town died saving her toddler from tornado that flattened her mobile home. Screen capture via My Fox Tampa Bay.

Heather Town, a Florida mother of three, made the ultimate sacrifice to save her three-year-old daughter during a violent tornado on Sunday night. The mother and daughter were tossed from their mobile home by the tornado.

Town was found covered in barbed wire and debris in a wooded area near her home, still clutching her toddler. Rescuers discovered Town and her daughter, Ann Marie, after hearing Ann Marie’s cries.

Witness Kim Bass told My Fox Tampa Bay, “When they found her, she was literally holding her baby, her little girl. They took the little child from her because she was having a hard time breathing and she had barbed wire on her and was in a very dense section of woods, about 50 feet back there.”

Paramedics tried valiantly to save Town’s life. However, she succumbed to her injuries at the scene.

WTSP in Tampa reports that Ann Marie was held so tightly that some of her ribs are broken as is her pelvis. Ann Marie is currently recovering at Tampa General Hospital.

Bass described the tornado that hit Venus, Florida, “It really was like a freight train. Complete and utter devastation. This the worst thing to ever happen to our community.”

Through it all, Town was able to hold onto Ann Marie and save her life. Elmer Town, Heather’s father told WTSP, I am so proud of my daughter. I can picture her holding that little girl of hers. She died for her.”