Jogger fights off teen gropers with Kung Fu

Woman fights off attackers with Kung Fu. Photo via KATU.

You never know when your self-defense skills will prove useful. Priscilla Dang, 23, of Vancouver, Washington has been taking martial arts classes since she was 5-years-old. In fact, her family owns the Summit Wushu Academy where Chinese martial arts are taught. Lately, Dang has been learning Kung Fu from her older brother.

Last week, Dang’s skills came to her defense. Dang was jogging in her neighborhood when two teenage boys approached her while on bikes. The Columbian in Washington reports that one of the boys distracted her by smiling while the other swatted her on the buttocks.

Dang responded by swiftly elbowing the boy to the ground, asking him to apologize. The boy apologized. However, his friend got off of his bike and began swearing.

Dang told KATU in Portland, Oregon, “It just made something snap in me – it’s not OK. It’s so disrespectful.”

Then, Dang sprung to action. She punched the boy in the face. In response, the boy took out a pocketknife. Dang held up one of the bikes as a shield.

Witnesses called police to the scene. Josiah Sullivan, the 18-year-old that hit Dang, was arrested on suspicion of fourth-degree assault. However, he has since been released. The 16-year-old was not taken into custody.

The weapon has never been found. Additionally, Dang has not run since the incident for fear of encountering the teens again.

Dang is glad that she had the skills to stand up for herself. She said, “If I didn’t have that kind of background, I wouldn’t have. I’m glad it happened to me and not someone else.”