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Parents accused of planting drugs on school volunteer

Parents planted drugs in school volunteer’s car. Photo via stock.xchng.

Two Irvine, California attorneys have been arrested for allegedly planting drugs on a parent volunteer at their son’s elementary school.

Jill Easter, 38, reportedly felt that the volunteer was not sufficiently supervising her son. In retaliation, she and her husband, Kent Easter, devised a plan to plant drugs in the volunteer’s car in an effort to get her arrested.

A little after midnight on February 16, 2011, the pair planted a bag of drugs including marijuana and Vicodin in the volunteer’s unlocked car. The LA Times reports that Kent Easter, 38, then drove to a hotel in Newport Beach where he called police from a public phone to anonymously report witnessing the volunteer put drugs in her car.

The police responded to the report. The volunteer was in shock and denied knowledge of the drugs. She agreed to a search of her car and home. According to ABC 7 in Los Angeles, she was detained for about two hours and then released.

Suspicion eventually turned to the Easters. There was one thing that the they did not plan on – Kent was caught making the phone call as well as texting his wife on a hotel surveillance camera.

The couple was arrested on Tuesday and are facing felony charges. The attorneys have been released on $20,000 bail each and are expected to be arraigned on July 17, 2012.