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Missing Chicago youngsters slept in bushes to avoid chores

Corey Colbert, 9 (left), and Christopher Colbert, 6 (right), ran away from home to avoid cleaning say cops. Family photos.

Two young brothers, ages 6 and 9, were reported missing Sunday night after their mother was unable to locate them. The boys were missing all night but eventually showed up at their babysitter’s house Monday morning in one of Chicago’s south shore neighborhoods. According to WGN News, the babysitter called police and the boy’s mother to confirm their safe arrival.

When police showed up to interview the boys, Corey Colbert, 9, and Christopher Colbert, 6, the brothers explained that they were playing basketball in their neighborhood and didn’t want to go home and clean to clean up their rooms, so they decided to hide from their mother by spending the night in some bushes.

The boys previously went missing last April as well, and were also found to be safe.