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4-year-old boy found in NY parking lot

52-year-old man abandoned boy in bank parking lot

A four-year-old boy whose parents had reported missing was found safe last night, after being allowed to walk to the store with a friend of his father’s.

Authorities in Syracuse, NY have arrested a man who had left a four-year-old child in a Key Bank parking lot in the middle of the night. The boy’s parents had let their son walk to the store with Leon Tennant, 52, who was an acquaintance of the boy’s father’s, from rehab.

The whole episode began around 8:00 PM when the boy left with Tennant to go to the store. When the two didn’t arrive back from the store after a while, and the family could not reach Tennant after a few tries, the parents called authorities and reported the boy missing at around 10:20 PM.

Sgt. Tom Connellan says that after the phone call, officers had began searching, but it wasn’t until around 11:40 PM, that a citizen had spotted the child in the bank parking lot all alone and then immediately phoned police. The bank was only a few blocks from the boy’s home. Authorities said that the boy appeared to be unharmed, but was taken to a local hospital, just as a precaution.

Police began searching for Tennant, and located him at around 12:30 AM. He is being charged with endangering the welfare of a child, in addition to being charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, and criminal possession of stolen property, as he was found with a Chevy pickup truck that had been stolen. Tennant was scheduled to be arraigned this morning in Syracuse City Court.