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Children found bound, blindfolded at Kansas Walmart parking lot

Couple arrested after youngster found bound and blindfolded

Adolfo Gomez was laying on the ground after being subdued by police. Screen shot via CLTV.

An arrest was made at a Kansas Walmart Wednesday after a passerby noticed a young child sitting outside an SUV in the Walmart parking lot, with their hands tied behind them and blindfolded. Police arrived to find a 5-year-old boy and a 7-year-old girl with their hands tied behind them, feet tied up and blindfolded. With the children was a man, Adolfo Gomez, whom police believe to be the children’s father. As police approached him, he responded violently, trying to fight police off and flee. Police were able to subdue the Gomez by tasering him. He was placed under arrest.

The windows of the SUV had been covered with clothing, so when police finally entered the vehicle, they found three other children between the ages of 12 and 15. Police untied the two bound children and called an ambulance for all 5 children. According to CLTV, it took police almost an hour to coax the older three children out of the vehicle because they were scared and locked themselves inside the back the back of the truck.

A female companion, believed to be the children’s mother, Deborah Gomez, was located inside the Walmart store and arrested as well. Cases of bottled water and ramen noodles were found all over the inside of the truck.

Police say the family was on their way to Arizona, en route from their home in Northlake, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. It is not currently known why the children were tied up or what the parents intentions were. The children all seemed to be in fairly good health upon examinations at a local hospital. All five children have been placed in custody of the Child Protective Services.

The Gomezes are being held, pending charges of alleged child abuse and endangerment.

When CLTV contacted the couples landlord in Illinois, he said he was surprised by the allegations and found the family to be a ‘good Catholic family’ with well behaved children.