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Father blames babysitter for the drowning death of his daughter

Nanny reportedly on phone for 45 minutes while girls drowned

Mia Penoyer, 5, drowned with Sophia Juarez while babysitter supposedly chatted on the phone. Photo via Facebook.

Two 5-year-old girls drowned in a swimming pool at one of the girl’s Dallas, Georgia homes on Sunday while the Nanny reportedly was distracted, talking on the phone.

The father of one of the girls claims that his daughter was neglected and betrayed by the woman who was hired to care for her. Eduardo Juarez’ daughter, Sophia, 5, was playing with the babysitter’s granddaughter, Mia Penoyer, 5, when they somehow both wound up in the pool, fully clothed.

Sophia’s 10-year-old brother found both girls after the family went on a frantic search to find her because the girls appeared to be missing. Sophia’s brother eventually found the girls at the bottom of the family’s pool.

Juarez told police that he left his children with the family’s live-in Nanny/housekeeper for an hour while he went out to get lunch. When he returned, his daughter was dead. The babysitter  was allegedly on the phone for 45 minutes instead of supervising the children. Juarez holds the unidentified 58-year-old babysitter fully accountable for the death of his daughter.

Juarez says his daughter was a good swimmer but Mia had not yet learned how to swim. He speculated that Sophia may have been trying to save Mia when tragedy struck.

Juarez told WSBTV, “The Nanny is 100% responsible.”

“…At this point, there is nothing that will bring my daughter back to me, but I believe the law has to be enforced and that she (the babysitter) has to be held accountable for her actions.”