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4-year-old gets arm stuck in pool drain for an hour

Florida youngster rescued by firefighters after she gets her hand and arm stuck in pool drain

4-year-old rescued from pool drain in Brevard County Florida. Screen shot via

Brevard County Florida firefighters worked to rescue a 4-year-old girl from a public pool after she got her hand and most of her arm stuck in a pool drain yesterday. Firefighters took a two-pronged approach to rescuing the youngster. They split into two teams, one team worked to free the girls arm under water while another worked to drain the pool.

The preschooler was caught in the deepest end of the pool, at 5 feet deep, the water was over the little girl’s head. The girl’s head had to be held up by firefighters who were also supporting her feet and legs while making sure her head remained above water. The scared youngster was also wrapped in a blanket in order to prevent hypothermia.

Finally firefighters were able to inject the drain with a lubricant and free the girl’s arm after about an hour, after they had successfully drained the pool 3 inches. Bystanders were heard applauding as a family member pulled her out of the pool. The girl was taken to the hospital and is said to be in good condition.

Investigators are looking into whether the pool was equipped with a safety cap on the drain or if the younger managed to pry the cap off herself.

Source: Click Orlando