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Chicago cop tasers pregnant woman

Tiffany Rent, pictured here, 8 months pregnant with her fiance Joseph Hobbs, was Tasered by Chicago Police after parking dispute. Family photo.

The family of a south side Chicago woman are furious today after a Chicago police officer tasered their pregnant relative over a parking dispute Tuesday night. The incident happened at a Walgreens drug store in Chicago’s Roseland neighborhood. The alleged perpetrator and victim is Tiffany Rent, who is eight months pregnant. Family members told CLTV that Rent was tasered after police ticketed her for parking illegally in a handicap spot. Rent allegedly got angry and tore up the ticket in front of the officer.

The police report says the 30-year-old Rent then threw the torn up ticket at an officer and tried to flee the scene.

Also present were Rent’s 9-year-old son, 3-year-old daughter and Joseph Hobbs, who is the father of the unborn child. Hobbs was also arrested after he tried to intervene during the alleged scuffle. H reportedly suffered a dislocated elbow during the altercation with the police. Family members allege the police officer tasered Rent while she was sitting in her SUV. Police claim that Rent was resisting arrest.

Family members also claim that a female officer noticed Rent was pregnant after she was tasered and recommended she be taken to the hospital, where it was determined that Rent’s unborn baby was unharmed.

Rent’s family claims Rent has already suffered two miscarriages. The family says they  plan to show in court to protest Rent’s treatment when her case goes to court.

Rent’s sister, Shereeta Rent asked, “How could you do that to a pregnant woman? My niece and nephew are in the back seat of the car crying. They did that in front of her kids.”

Hobb’s sister, Shahidah Hobbs said, “the whole family is appalled because (neither) Tiffany nor Joseph are those type of people that are combative. They’re very laid back, very sociable…It’s ridiculous.”