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Two shot during argument over Kool-Aid

Two shot during Kool-Aid argument. Photo via stock.xchng.

When it is hot out, many of us like to grab a nice, cold drink of Kool-Aid. However, Kool-Aid, instead of providing relief, generated some heat of its own in the Brightmoor neighborhood of Detroit on Tuesday night.

WJBK in Detroit reports that a group of boys were hanging out near an old abandoned school building. Another group was hanging out at a home just across the street. Two of the young men, one from each group, began arguing over who could mix the best Kool-Aid. The argument became heated and the pair pulled out guns, beginning to fire at each other.

However, the shooters did not make the mark. Instead, two innocent bystanders, both 17-years-old, were hit by stray bullets. One of the victims was struck in the wrist, the other in the rear. Fortunately, both have been released from the hospital and are on the road to recovery.

Police are still searching for the shooters. According to WJBK, one took off in a purple 2007 Chevy Impala.

Police told WJBK that while this incident is ridiculous, they have seen worse. The incident will definitely leave those in the neighborhood thinking a little differently when sipping on Kool-Aid this summer.