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Aimee Copeland, the young woman battling flesh-eating disease, speaks

According to a blog post from her father, Aimee Copeland has spoken her first words since being hospitalized for flesh-eating bacteria.

Andy Copeland reportedly posted the following to his blog:

“Today…May 27……is AIMEE DAY!!! Sunday, Aimee has finally spoken her first words. I will follow with details tonight.”

He also promised to provide more details later.

It has been just days since doctors had to amputate both of Copeland’s hands and her remaining foot in order to keep the disease from spreading. Even though she still remains in critical condition, she has been showing signs of improvement lately. She has just recently starting to breathe on her own, no longer needing a ventilator and on Tuesday, she had surprised doctors by sitting for five hours when she was only expected to  sit up for an hour.

Copeland, 24, has necrotizing fasciitis, which is an infection that spreads rapidly and causes the destruction of skin and muscle tissues. She contracted the infection after falling from a homemade zip line and cutting her leg open by a creek near her home.

Her left leg had to be amputated and doctors initially rated her chances of survival as “slim to none.” Her struggle has inspired well-wishing and support from many people across the nation, thanks in part to a plea on Facebook from Copeland’s father asking people to “believe and pray for a miracle to happen.”

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