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Mother kills 18-month-old twins in 'vengeful rage' over husband's affair

Stacey Smalls of Philadelphia has been accused of killing her 18-month-old twins over her husband's alleged affair with one of her family members. Photo via screen capture from ABC News

A Tacony, Philadelphia woman has been charged with two counts of murder after she killed her 18-month-old twins, Adam and Eve, in an angry rage over her husband’s alleged affair with one of her family members.

Authorities believe that on Thursday afternoon, Stacey Smalls, 41, killed one of the twins by smothering it and the other by drowning it.  They believe that she also attempted to murder her 4-year-old daughter by poisoning her with prescription medication.

Her husband, Ron Smalls, a corrections officer, came home from work and discovered the bodies of his son and daughter limp and lifeless in a bed in the front room.

ABC reports that four notes left next to the children read, “This is why I killed your kids,” and outlined the affair she believed her husband was having with one of her family members.

Stacey was found with her wrists slashed in what would appear to be an attempt to take her own life.  She is currently in a hospital being treated for her injuries.

Friends of the couple say that they knew that there were problems in the marriage, as they had spilled onto Facebook and on May 19 she had changed her status from “married” to “divorced.”

According to the Daily Mail, on one of Ron’s Facebook pictures of their daughters together, he wrote, “Sisters, what a beautiful thing.”

On Wednesday, just one day before she killed two of their children, Stacey wrote on the picture, “Really, sisters what a beautiful thing. I guess it depends on which sister,” presumably in reference to Ron’s alleged affair.

However, friends of Stacey said they thought she seemed herself leading up to the killings, and they had no indication that things were that bad with her.

One of Stacey’s nursing home coworkers, Tina Brown, saw Stacey at work the morning of the killings and said, “She said, ‘Hey, it’s a good day.’ That’s all. She said, ‘Hi Tina, have a good day at work’ and she left. She didn’t seem stressed out or anything like that,” reports ABC News.

The 4-year-old is reportedly in stable and good condition.

Sources:  ABC News, the Daily Mail