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Brooklyn school giving out condoms at prom

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Bedford-Stuyvesant Prep School in Brooklyn, NY is taking the birth control debate into its own hands (so to speak) by giving out condoms to students attending this year’s prom. There will be a safe-sex assembly held before the prom to educate the kids as well, and 500 condoms will be available afterwards.

Principal Darryl Rascoe said, “There are several kids in our school who already have children.We’re fooling ourselves if we think we can leave this up to teens to be proactive.”

The school offers free condoms to students at the school already, but this is the first year they will be given out at prom. All New York City public high schools are able to give out condoms in a designated area like the nurse’s office, though parents can choose not to allow their children to take part.

The condoms are being provided by NuVo Condoms, and school administrators are being asked to “Vote Nuvo for prom king” on the school’s website.

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