Family of dog that killed baby fight to have it's life spared

Nevada family finds way to keep their dog alive after it violently killed their baby

'Onion', the 120 lbs. mastiff mix with 1-year-old Jeremiah Eskew-Shaha who was mauled to death by the pet. Family photo.

The owners of a dog ‘Onion’ who mauled their 1-year-old toddler Jeremiah Eskew-Shahan to death at the end of April are taking steps to prevent their dog from being destroyed.

Jeremiah was killed by the 120 lb. Rhodesian-Mastiff mix last month, as the baby tried to hold himself up using the dog as support. The dog apparently “snapped” and grabbed the tot by the head, shaking him back and forth violently. The baby’s neck snapped and he suffered gaping head wounds. He died instantly.

An animal rights organization called the Lexus Project out of New York, had a restraining order rejected last week after they tried to serve it to the city of Henderson, Nevada to prevent the dog from being euthanized. The courts refused to recognize the restraining order because they said that the Lexus Project didn’t own the dog. However, the Lexus Project found a way around the loophole, having the family of the dog sign over ownership to the organization, in hopes of saving their dog’s life.

Now taxpayers will foot the bill in the case of whether the dog is ultimately put down or has it’s life spared. The family has come out in support of the dog, saying that the dog never acted aggressively before the tragic accident. Jeremiah’s father and grandmother were home at the time of the incident, however, the baby’s father was not in the room when the attack occurred.