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Daycare teacher scrubs child's face with chemicals, burned and scarred his skin

A daycare teacher allegedly scrubbed the boy's face with a chemical laden cleaning eraser to remove a temporary tattoo he had on his cheek. Photo via screen capture from Q13 Fox News

A teacher at a Kinder-Care daycare facility in Silverdale, Washington, attempted to remove a Chuck E. Cheese Tattoo from 5-year-old Silas Gholston’s face for a class portrait.  However, according to daycare officials and the boy’s mother, Heidi Dietrich, the teacher “improperly used a cleaning product” on the boy’s right cheek, which caused a large burn.

The boy’s mother said, “He had swollen marks all over his face and there were white pieces where it was like a blister.”

According to Dietrich, instead of using soap and water, the teacher allegedly scrubbed her son’s face with a dry eraser filled with a cleaning chemical.

“I just couldn’t imagine what he was going through, and what he felt when he was scrubbing over and over and over,” Dietrich, who immediately took her son to see a doctor after she saw him, said.

Dietrich claims that the daycare facility tried to down play what happened to her son, and that they went along with taking the class portrait while her son was in that condition.

“Last night he woke up crying,” the distraught mother said. “He woke up crying, says his face hurt when he was on his pillow.”

Silverdale Kinder-Care released the following statement on Tuesday:

“We can confirm that one of our teachers improperly used a cleaning product to remove a temporary tattoo from a child’s face. As soon as center management was aware of the situation, they reported it to both state licensing and Child Protective Services. These agencies are conducting an investigation. The teacher involved no longer works for KinderCare. This kind of behavior is unacceptable.”

Dietrich has removed her son from the daycare and filed a police report.  She hopes that the incident does not cause permanent scarring to her son’s face.

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