Student kidnapped and kept in a homemade dungeon for two weeks

A teen boy was kidnapped and held in a makeshift dungeon in Poland for two weeks while his abductors attempted to get over $300,000 in ransom from his family. Photo via Europics/CEN from the Huffington Post

A teen boy was on his way to school when he was kidnapped and held in a makeshift underground dungeon cell for two weeks.  The boy was targeted because his father is a wealthy businessman, and the kidnappers threatened to kill the boy if the parents did not provide them with $315,000 in ransom.

The boy was drugged during the kidnapping, and taken from Poznan, Poland to the location of the dungeon in nearby Szamotuly.

According to a report in The Huffington Post, the kidnappers caused so much commotion on the property that neighbors, who suspected something was wrong, called the police.

“After receiving specific intelligence, officers entered the property where they found the entrance to the hidden underground bunker,” Police spokesman Andrzej Borowiak told The Sun. “Inside they found the kidnap victim. Six people have been arrested including two women. The boy has been returned to his parents.”

According to the Daily Mail, officers raided the dingy bunker and found the terrified 19-year-old clutching a rosary and prayer book called “The Road to Heaven”.

Police say that yesterday they discovered a disturbing list of the names of other children from wealthy families that police say the group of kidnappers planned to abduct.  Police believe the underground dungeon cell was built for the purpose of holding their victims, reports the Daily Mail.

Prosecutors confirmed to the Daily Mail that the gang will be charged with intending to kidnap at least two teenagers.

The kidnappers are facing 25 years in prison.