Retired chiropractor stalks very young girls at Burlington Coat Factory, masturbates

Jonathan Davis, 40, has been charged with lewd and lascivious behavior. Photo via Prosecutors Office

Jonathan Davis, 40, a retired chiropractor from south Florida, has been charged with lewd and lascivious behavior following a March 25 incident where he followed three young girls, ages 5 through 8, through a Burlington Coat Factory and trying to record them on his cell phone while touching himself.  An alert security guard caught on to Davis and provided surveillance video to Hialeah Police, who in turn provided edited surveillance video and cell phone audio to CBS4 News.

The authorities found nearly 80 incriminating videos on Davis’ cell phone, and Hialeah Police Detective Felix Mendigutia said the cell phone videos show Davis in numerous South Florida stores approaching and videotaping children, reports CBS4 News.

“This is a guy whose brazen,” said Det. Mendigutia, reports CBS4 News. “He’s fearless. He’s not afraid to get caught.”

Mendigutia told CBS4 News that Davis got just inches away from some children who were with their parents.

“In some cases I could actually see that a parent was holding a child by the hand,” Mendigutia said, reports CBS4 News. “In some cases the parent was 5 feet from their child.”

Authorities said that Davis appeared to be on the prowl, crouching down in store aisles and hiding behind merchandise, all to take videos of girls as young as 5-years-old while touching himself, reports CBS4 News.  The police say he seemed desperate to get the attention of the young girls,  and that he used catcalls and laughter to entice them and win their trust.

Mendigutia told CBS4 News, “You can see in the children’s eyes when they would first look up at him and then they would look down in the area in the lower part of his body.”

A cell phone video from the day before the Burlington Coat Factory incident shows Davis engaging in conversation with an 8-year-old girl he approached at a Hollywood, Florida, KMart, according to a police report obtained by NBC 6 Miami.

In the March 24 video, which takes place between clothing racks in the KMart while the girl’s guardian shops nearby, Davis tells the young girl that his private parts are “itchy” and starts rubbing them, according to the report.

The report says that the girl continued to talk to Davis, and told him to cover it or go to the bathroom and put water on it.

According to the report, the guardian calls the girl away, but Davis attempts to relocate her.  After he finds the girl, he starts to talk to her about his private parts again.

The report says that the video ends with the frustrated girl telling Davis, “Oh, just put it away already, I don’t want to see it,” and hiding her face in a Dr. Seuss hat.

The police were able to identify the girl in the video, and she told police that Davis had his hand inside his pants during the encounter and was moving it back and forth, according to the report.

Davis is shown in the videos trying to get attention from young girls by making “pssst” sounds, saying “ouch,” or  asking for help finding the toy section, reports the New York Daily News.

The New York Daily News reports that in one recording, Davis tells a girl, “You can’t see what I’m hiding.”

In another, he says, “You can’t have a butt that nice when you’re  eight,” reports The New York Daily News.

According to authorities, this is not the first time Davis has encountered legal trouble over perverted behavior.

CBS reports that in 2007, Davis was charged with exposing himself to several people, including a  15-year-old girl, at a park in North Carolina.

According to police, Davis emailed a Hialeah officer and apologized for his actions and admitted he “had a ‘problem’ and would ‘take care of it.'” the report said.

The investigation is ongoing and, according to NBC Miami, multiple law enforcement jurisdictions are involved, including the Secret Service and a Federal Task Force which specializes in online crimes.

Davis has been released from jail on $15,000 bond, the New York Daily News reports.