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Quick thinking preschooler dials 911, saves brother

Preschooler dials 911, saves choking brother. Photo via stock.xchng.

Grace and Myles Varley were being babysat by their grandmother last Wednesday when Myles began choking on a chicken nugget during dinner. Myles’ grandmother, Christine Doran, could not clear his airway and the boy passed out. With Myles limp in her arms, the grandmother could not call 911. Doran told Newsday that she frantically ran outside with Myles to get help from her neighbors.

Meanwhile, Grace stayed calm and recalled what should be done in this situation. She called 911.

The Amityville, New York preschooler told WCBS 880 New York, “When Nana ran out of the house I called 911.”

Officer John Adriella, who lives near the home, arrived on the scene quickly. He was able to dislodge the nugget and get Myles breathing, the Associated Press reports. Myles is now doing fine.

5-year-old Grace is being called a hero. Her cool under pressure is being admired by many.

Grace’s mom, Alison, is very proud of Grace’s actions and told WCBS 880, “Grace surprises us constantly. She’s far better than I could ever be, and that’s all you ever really hope for your children.”

Grace says that she learned to call 911 from her teachers. Grace’s family is very grateful that she was listening in class. Thanks to Grace, Myles can go back to playing his favorite game–ball–with his sister, of course!