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Ohio inmate fatally struck by lightening, mother sues prison

Dalin Anderson, 33, died in prison last year after he was fatally struck by lightening. Mug shot via Sheriff's Dept.

The mother of a 33-year-old inmate who was struck by lightening an killed last May 2010,  has filed a lawsuit against the prison. Linda Bickerstaff claims the prison in which her son was incarcerated, the Belmont Correctional Institution in St. Clairsville, Ohio, failed to take reasonable precautions, allowing her son, Dalin Anderson, to jog inside a metal chain linked fence while storms when storms were approaching. Anderson was among several inmates in the recreation yard at the time but the only inmate to die. Several other inmates were seriously injured.

Bickerstaff has filed a civil lawsuit asking for a minimum of $75,000 in damages.

The prison has denied any wrongdoing however, saying that Anderson died by forces of nature beyond the prison’s control.