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Parents of drowned toddler, Devon Davis, snatch baby from foster home

Mike and April Davis embrace during the search for their toddler son who was later found dead by drowning. Screen grab via Houston Chronicle.

The parents of Devon Davis, the 2-year-old toddler who was found dead after drowning in a pond near his Houston, Texas home, have apparently kidnapped their infant daughter, Abbygail, from her foster home and fled. The parents of drowning victim, Devon, reportedly left their house, after packing up all their belongings and went to visit their daughter with what police believe, the intention of taking their baby and leaving town.

Child Protective Services reportedly removed the infant from Michael and April Davis’ care after their son had been reported missing on March 28. He was found about 3 days later, about 300 feet from the couples home. Devon had drowned in a pond.

Police believe the youngster managed to slip out of the house while his mother was napping. The drowning was ruled accidental.

The tragedy lead to an investigation of the couple, although April was never considered a suspect. After their infant was taken away, the couple reportedly visited her frequently at her foster home without incident.

After the initial report of suspected kidnapping, police looked into the baby’s placement and found that the child was placed into foster care without court order. The parents are not considered fugitives because the baby appears to have been placed unlawfully. The Liberty County Sheriff’s office says the couple will not be charged with a crime because none was committed.

Source: Montgomery County Reporter