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First grader accused of sexual harassment was suspended

6-year-old Colorado boy suspended after dancing and singing 'Sexy and I Know It'

DAvonte Meadows, 6, was suspended after teachers and administrators accused him of sexual harrassment. Screen grab via KDVR TV.

A first grade student landed himself a 3-day suspension after he was accused of sexual harassment by administrators at the Sable Elementary School in Aurora, Colorado. Apparently the 6-year-0ld had a crush on one of the girls in his classroom but had what the school believes to be an inappropriate way of showing it. The school charges that DAvonte Meadows was dancing inappropriately while singing LMFAO’s ‘Sexy and I Know It’ to his crush, whom he admits, started crying.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, DAvonte’s mother, Stephanie, is outraged the school would accuse DAvonte of a something he isn’t old enough to understand. She claims her son was ‘trying to express himself’ and had difficulty trying to express his feelings for a girl he likes.

Stephanie says she spoke with the principal who said that DAvonte was shaking his butt and lifting his shirt while badgering the female victim.

If the boy is found guilty of sexual harassment, it would go on his permanent record.

The school says that the charge is in response to the seriousness of harassing a student of the opposite sex, but after considerable public backlash, they will consider lowering the charge to just harassment because of his age.