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Church says women need to lower their standards if they want to get married

Marriage-minded Austrlian women are looking for a few good men. Via Flickr Commons.

There apparently aren’t enough men in Australia, or at least “marriage quality” men, which has prompted the Catholic Church in Australia to suggest that women lower their expectations if they are serious about getting married.

Father Tony Kerin of Melbourne said, “Are women getting too choosy? I’d say yes,” in an interview with the GlobalPost. He went on to say, “I think many are setting aside their aspirations for later, but by the time they get around to it, they’ve missed their chance. In trying to have it all, they end up missing out.” This opinion was offered after recent demographic research revealed that there are only 86,000 men in Australia who would qualify as “marriage material.”

It begs the question, what’s wrong with the other 1.343 million men from age 25 to 34 living Down Under? The research indicates that they are either gay, already married or already in a serious relationship.  The study did exclude men who were single parents or earned less than $60,000 per year, so perhaps the situation is not quite as dire as it appears for Australian ladies, unless of course those two groups would require them to significantly lower their standards as the church suggests. If Australian women are really unhappy with their choices, moving is always an option, too.