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CDC inspects quarantined plane in Chicago

CDC suspects a passenger flew with contagious disease

Midway airport where flight was detained. Photo via Google Earth.

Delta flight 3163 left Detroit and landed one hour later at Midway airport in Chicago, where it has been quarantined for over three hours. It came into Midway ten minutes early, but the Delta board inside shows it as delayed.

This has been confirmed by airport officials who say, “There is a Delta flight on the ground there. There may be a passenger with some kind of medical issues.” This comes from Karen Pride, who is a spokeswoman for the Chicago Department of Aviation.

The medical emergency has not been verified. A woman from Uganda was suspected to have come in contact with an unknown disease, causing the entire flight to come to a stand still. The pilot would not open the doors to the gate after taxing up to it.

Passenger Karen Guth from Burlington, Vermont spoke with The Detroit Free Press, saying that the flight seemed normal and that, “It was a total shock to everyone when the pilot wouldn’t open the door”.

[The pilot] said, “We cannot open the door. Medical personnel are meeting the plane.”

After a wait, two representatives of the Chicago Fire boarded wearing Hazmat suits to examine the Ugandan woman.

Apparently she’d been traveling when it was believed she was exposed to the disease. Karen says they took pictures of the woman before sending them to the CDC in Atlanta.

“Now they are interviewing some passengers, it doesn’t sound as though she has the disease.”

The woman had previously been in Atlanta before boarding the flight in Detroit. It has not been made apparent what disease they believed this woman to have that would warrant quarantining the entire flight. And there is yet no news of when the passengers will be released.

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