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Gay Illinois State University college student severely beaten

Eric Unger, ISU student brutally beaten over the weekend in what he considers a hate crime against gays. Screen grab via CBS News.

Eric Unger, a student at Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois, was walking alone last Saturday near his college campus when he claims he was blindsided by a group of men who brutally beat him. Unger, who is preparing for his last few weeks before graduation, says he was knocked unconscious and left with serious injuries. He believes he was a victim of hate crime because he is openly gay. The college senior says he was minding his own business when six to eight African American men approached, knocked his phone out of his hands all while using derogatory and hateful speech about homosexuality. Unger’s father told CBS News that he believes his son was the victim of a double hate crime, being gay and white.

Unger was beaten so badly, his jaw was fractured. The injury required him to have his jaw wired shut in order to heal properly. Unger says after the men jumped him, he woke up on the concrete, bleeding and bruised.

Police aren’t ready to declare the attack an official hate crime though and are still looking for the suspects. Unger says he’s determined to not let the violent act alter his plans and goals and still plans to graduate with a consumer sciences major in a few weeks.