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Woman donates kidney to boss, gets fired

Debbie Stevens donated kidney to help boss. Photo via The New York Post.
In what has been termed the “kidney donor case,” Debbie Stevens, 47 of Long Island, New York, accuses her boss, Jackie Brucia, of using her for her kidney.

Stevens alleges that after she donated her kidney to help Brucia receive a kidney, Brucia began to treat her maliciously and ultimately fired her from her job.

Brucia first hired Stevens in January of 2009 to work as an assistant at Atlantic Automotive Group in West Islip, New York. The New York Post reports that Stevens then left the group in June of 2010 to move to Florida.

On a return visit in September of 2010, Stevens paid a visit to Brucia. Brucia informed Stevens that she was ailing and needed a new kidney. However, Brucia was set to receive a kidney from a family friend. Stevens offered to donate a kidney should the donor fall through.

A few months later, Stevens moved back to Long  Island. She asked Brucia about any openings and was rehired in a matter of weeks.

In January 2011, Brucia called Stevens into her office and asked if she was serious about donating her kidney. Brucia’s donor had backed out.

Stevens told “I said, ‘Yeah, sure. This isn’t a joking matter.’ I did not do it for job security. I didn’t do it to get a raise. I did it because it’s who I am. I didn’t want her to die.” reports that Stevens proved to not be a good match for Brucia. However, if Stevens donated a kidney to another patient, Brucia would move up on the donor list. So, Stevens donated her kidney. Brucia moved up the list and received a kidney.

After returning to work, Stevens alleges that Brucia began to attack her. A few days after her return, Stevens, still recovering from surgery, was ill and went home. Stevens claims that Brucia called her and antagonized her at home.

She told The New York Post, “She . . . said, ‘What are you doing? Why aren’t you at work?’ I told her I didn’t feel good. She said, ‘You can’t come and go as you please. People are going to think you’re getting special treatment.’ ”

When Brucia returned, Stevens claims that she berated her in front of other employees and transferred her to a dealership 50 miles away where she was ultimately pushed out of the company.

Stevens filed a complaint with the New York State Human Rights Commission last Friday claiming that Brucia used her for her kidney and fired her once she received a kidney. Lenard Leeds, Stevens’ attorney, stated that they are seeking damages including Stevens’ lost pay and compensation for physical and psychological pain.