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Couple rekindles love, gets married at IKEA

Julie Rodgers and Willie Pittman had last seen each other in school some 30 odd years ago. Then, in 2010, the pair reconnected through social media. For their first date, Rodgers and Pittman decided to dine on IKEA’s world famous cuisine–meatballs. The pair spent their date wandering through the giant College Park, Maryland store finishing with yogurt cones.

Couple weds at IKEA. Photo via WTOP

Recalling the magical evening, Rodgers told WTOP in Washington, DC, “As we’re leaving, we get yogurt cones and we’re on the way to the parking lot when it hits me. I turned to him and said, ‘This is one of the best dates I’ve ever had,’ to which he said, ‘This is a date?'”

Two years later, the happy couple chose the site of their first date for their nuptials.

When Rodgers initially planned out her wedding, she just planned on sharing a few meatballs and taking pictures. However, when she contacted IKEA and told them her love story, they offered her space at the store for no charge. Additionally, the store decided to throw in linens, chairs, and food reports WTOP.

IKEA helped the couple put their special day together in the store’s restaurant.

Some shoppers had mixed reactions to the event. Some thought that it was a little crazy to have a wedding at IKEA while others saw the romance and novelty in it.

One shopper said, “It’s something they’re going to remember for a while. It’s like, ‘Hey, we got married at IKEA,’ so it’s kind of cool.”

About 25 guests filled the restaurant to watch the couple wed. After, the guests feasted on IKEA fare including those famous meatballs!

For the couple, the wedding at IKEA was very special. Rodgers told ABC 7 in Washington, DC, “Ikea did just a beautiful job of everything that they provided for us and I’m just speechless and I’m very seldom speechless.”