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6-year-old killed by floating log at California beach

Live Oak Beach, California where youngster died after coming in contact with large log while swimming. Photo via Live Oak City.

A 6-year-old girl who was vacationing with her family in Santa Cruz County, California, has died after being struck unconscious by a water-soaked log that spanned 15 feet by one foot while swimming at Live Oak beach. The young girl was said to be playing and swimming at the beach, when a heavy log floated towards her. Authorities say recent storms have cause natural debris to clutter beach as they urge beach goers to use more caution.

Family members and beach goers tried to lift the log off the girl who was found unconscious by rescue crews. It is unknown whether the youngster got stuck under the log and drowned or suffered from a blunt force strike to her head.

According to the Monterey County Herald, the youngster was revitalized at the scene of the accident but later succumbed to her injuries at Stanford Hospital.