Teen busted after bragging about crime on Facebook

Hunter Dykstra, 18, was caught after he bragged about shooting on Facebook. Photo via Facebook.

An 18-year-old teen in Iowa was busted after he bragged about “shooting up a house” on Facebook. Police say that Hunter Eric Dykstra of Des Moines, Iowa was involved in a drive-by shooting, in which gun fire hit a 13-year-old girl, but didn’t puncture her skin. The bullet reportedly hit the girl in the buttocks, but only hard enough to leave a bruise.

Dykstra was in jail on other charges last week and when he was released, he started gloating about the fact that he was a free man after “shooting up a house”.

Police say the bullet went through the house and actually stuck a young girl, “Fortunately, as that bullet penetrated the house, it slowed the round down enough that when it did strike this person, it didn’t penetrate their skin.”

Sgt. Chris Scott from the Des Moines Police Department said that Dykstra’s lucky he’s not being charged with murder and also that the young girl he shot wasn’t more seriously injured.

Dykstra is now in custody in the Polk County Jail.

On Dkystra’s Facebook page, he lists his favorite activities as “partying” and “wrestling”. He might want to add, “getting arrested” to that list.

Source: My Fox 8