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7-year-old plans to give back to hospital that treated him

Riley Hospital for Children, Indiana, is where Hunter Mehl was treated for seizures. Photo via IU Health.

Seven-year-old, Hunter Mehl, is a now a healthy second grader from Hobart, Indiana. As an infant and toddler, however, he experienced seizures and was treated at the Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis, Indiana. Now, the seven-year-old wants to give back.

Riley Hospital offers comprehensive, family-centered care to children and promises never to turn a child in need of care away, even if the family is unable to pay. Hunter and his parents plan to ask the Board of Works for permission to open a lemonade stand near a popular fountain park in their town.

The family has already consulted the health department and is hoping to receive approval from the Board on April 18, so that they can open the stand this spring. If they receive approval, they plan to name the stand Grandma’s Lemonade for Riley’s, in honor of Hunter’s late great-grandmother. All proceeds will go to Riley Hospital.

Hunter’s mother, Nancy Mehl, told the Times Newspaper that it has been a rough year for the family. Hunter’s grandmother died seven months ago, and his great-grandmother passed away on Easter. Nancy hopes that the lemonade stand will give the family something to focus on t0gether. Hunter and his siblings, Katie Hardlannert, 14, and Billy Hardlannert, 10, all plan to work at the stand on the weekends and during the week when school lets out.