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Police: Mother caught texting and driving with baby in lap

Shawndeeia Bown, 29, arrested for texting and driving and having three unrestrained children in car. Photo via Facebook.

A Los Angeles woman and mother of six was pulled over and arrested after she was caught texting and driving on a California freeway, while her one-year-old baby in was in her lap. There were two other children in the car as well, a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old, neither was restrained. The incident was called by the driver of another vehicle who saw the woman, Shawndeeia Bowen, 29, driving down the 405 freeway with the tot in her lap and appeared to be texting at the same time.

According to KTLA News, the woman still hand the phone in her hand and her baby in her lap when Torrence police pulled her over. She reportedly told police that she grabbed the baby from the back seat because the baby was crying and she was trying to comfort her.

Bowen apparently had a long list of prior traffic violations, from driving without a proper license, to not using child restraints to driving without insurance. Bowen has also been in several car accidents which police cited her for violations and driving with a suspended license for failing to go to court on numerous occassions.

Bowen was taken to jail and arrested on charged of suspected child neglect. Her children have been turned over to the Department of Children and Family Services.