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At least 5 dead in Oakland University classroom shooting

Gunman open fired on students

Oikos University, where a gunman fired upon students this students this morning.

At least five people are confirmed dead and numerous others wounded in a California university classroom shooting. The shooting happened at Oikos University, a private Christian school in Oakland California. The shooting occurred around 10:33 AM this morning. Authorities have said that at least two victims were shot in the head and at least six people were wounded.

Th Oakland fire department said that they received a call about the shooting around 10:50AM. According to sources, victims were loaded into ambulances and four deceased victims were covered under a tarp on the sidewalk. Oakland’s Highland Hospital have said that four victims so far have arrived for treatment.

At the scene of the shooting, students continued to evacuate the building and SWAT teams were on scene around the building, and smashed in glass doors and rushed into the school just moments after the shooting happened. Police have said that eyewitnesses describe the gunman as an Asian male of heavy build wearing khaki-colored clothing.

Police believe they have a suspect in custody that they found in a parking lot of a mall in nearby Alameda.