Arkansas: Body of missing 4-year-old Caleb Linn found

Caleb Linn's body recovered after being found in river near Hardy, Arkansas. Family photo.

The soon to be 4-year-old boy who went missing last Saturday while apparently wandering off from a trail that lead back to a Boy Scout camp site he was staying at, has reportedly been found dead and his body has been recovered. The Arkansas pre-schooler was said to be with his aunt in a remote, heavily wooded and waterway saturated area near the Kia Kima Scout Reservation in the Ozark foothills. The youngster reportedly asked his aunt if he could go back to the base camp where some of his relatives were. The aunt directed him to stay on the dirt path, which was about 300 yards from the camp, but the boy apparently got lost on the way back.

Caleb was reportedly wearing an orange shirt which rescue workers found along a river yesterday. Search efforts became isolated to that same river location after some of his clothing was found by cadaver dogs. Now the AP is reporting that confirmation has been made — young Caleb Linn’s body was found in the river by a search crew.

Recent storms have been reported in the area which made the rivers swell. Authorities believe that Caleb somehow slipped and fell into the river and likely drowned although an autopsy will be performed to confirm exact cause of death.