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Missing 4-yr-old's body found, may have been killed by dogs

Youngster's body found after an overnight search, family friend said he was killed by pit bull

Kylar Johson, 4, was reportedly attacked and killed by dogs after he wandered from his family. Family photo.

The body of a 4-year-old Victoria, Texas boy was reported missing on Sunday afternoon from his front yard has been found this morning.  The youngster, Klyar Johnson, reportedly wandered off while his father was cleaning out his car. Police were called immediately which prompted a search by k9 dogs, search teams and family who scoured the area just south of Houston. While searched continued into the early morning hours, police say heavy fog  reduced their visibility significantly.

This morning, it appears that the boy’s lifeless body was found in a bordering neighborhood by a neighbor. The area is known by neighbors for it’s aggressive dogs; mostly pit bulls and rottweilers the news outlet reports.

A family friend told the Victoria Advocate that the boy was found, mauled to death by a neighbors pit bull. The grisly discovery was made at around 10:40 am this morning.

Although family members have confirmed Kylar Johnson’s death, police are not yet confirming the cause of death.