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UK mother gives birth to triplets, unexpectedly dies days later

Mother collapses and dies from unknown heart condition a week after she gives birth to triplets

Isabel and Paul Mason at their wedding in 2010. Family photo.

A 34-year-old woman in southeast England died shortly after giving birth to three healthy infants. The unexpected death came just eight days after the successful birth of her triplets, Mattias, Lukas and Sarah earlier this month. Doctors say the baby’s mother, Isabel Mason, a German native, may have suffered from an undetected heart condition.

According to the Daily Mail, a cardiologist said the condition, which causes “blood to leak into the sac surrounding the heart from a cut in the artery”, is fatal and likely happened during her pregnancy. Dr. Dawn Adamson said, “Pregnancy adds and extra strain, especially multiple pregnancies.”

Paul Mason, 44, Isabel’s husband and father to the triplets said his wife was ecstatic about the triplets arrival. He is left grieving over the loss but conflicted by the joy the babies bring:

“We were both overjoyed to be having an instant family. The triplets were our first and most probably last children. We looked forward to sharing and introducing our children to our shared hobbies of family time around the kitchen table, playing guitar, country walks, camping, motorbiking, listening to the rain and watching the world go by.”

Isabel collapsed just over a week after giving birth and died at the the same hospital where she delivered the babies.