Missing Illinois woman and sons found alive

Laurie May with one of the sons she fled with and later found in Florida. Photo via social networking.

Laurie May, a former LaGrange Highlands, Illinois teacher, and her three sons were reported missing on February 16th after May had a late night verbal altercation with her fiance. It was believed that she had fled the state with Destiny Gruba, a former student of hers. It was also believed that Laurie drove down to Cicero, Ill. to meet with Destiny.

A routine traffic stop at 9 am CST in St. Lucie, Fla. led to the identification of the two women who were then taken into custody. Officers say that Gruba was identified from information provided by local detectives. The three boys; Quincy, 4, Oliver, 2, and Spencer, 1, and both women were all found to be in good health. The Mays family is making arrangements to have the boys brought back to Aurora, Ill. and the two women are being returned to Cicero, Ill.. Aurora Police state that there are no charges currently pending regarding their disappearance.

The boys grandmother, Tara Selman of Geneva, Ill., is grateful that her grandchildren have been found alive and unharmed. There is no mention at this point why the women chose Florida as their destination.

Chicago Tribune