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Father claims toddler was 'trembling with fear' as TSA shook him down

Fearful toddler patted down and swabbed at Chicago O'Hare Airport. Screen shot via You Tube.

A 3-year-old toddler in a wheelchair was caught on video, in what appears to be an invasive search by the TSA at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. The little boy was in a wheelchair because he had a broken leg. The video, which was shown on Facebook and You Tube over the weekend but was actually taken in the Spring of 2010. It shows the toddler  having to pull up his shirt while being subjected to a pat down and being swabbed for explosives. The three minute long search shows the tot visibly shaken and nervous. His father’s voice is heard in the background, trying to reassure the little boy but clearly voicing his opinion of what he considers to be “weird”.

The father wrote in a narrative over the video, “I was livid at this point. I am asking myself why the F#@k isn’t someone with a brain coming over to waive him though. SOMEONE in a position of authority NEEDS to make the obvious decision this child not a threat RIGHT? You are swabbing a 3 year olds hand for explosives????? Seriously? SERIOUSLY?”

The father said he was not allowed to comfort his child by going up to him. He just had to try to reassure him that everything was okay.

TSA told Fox News that they are aware of the video but have chosen not to comment at this time.