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Wallet returned after nearly 36 years

True meaning of kindness

Gean Brown Jr. says the gentleman that returned his wallet 36 years after he lost it, is a true random act of kindness. Screen shot via KCTV Channel 5.

While working in the attic of a home over 35 years ago, Gean Brown Jr. of Spring Hill, Kansas lost his wallet, and expected to never see it again.

“I knew I had it in my pocket when I went up and, when I came out, it was gone. And I knew I had it in the attic, but couldn’t find it. I tore up insulation and still couldn’t find it,” says Brown.

Last week, Brown received a phone call from Shawn Wyckoff, who was upstairs messing with an antenna when he saw the black object, and immediately called every number inside of the wallet. Wycoff then did a quick internet search, and found Brown’s address in Paola, Ks.

Brown could hardly believe his eyes as the wallet he lost in 1976 or 1977 had miraculously found its way back to him, thanks to Wycoff.

“This guy 36 years later he goes up there and looks down – there it is. Bang. Out in the open. And he was decent enough to look me up and find it. He could have pitched it. I don’t know this guy. (But he) gives it back,” said Brown.

Brown found no money in his wallet, but found items that were worth much more than cash to him. The contents included his original draft card, old photos from his service in the Navy and a picture of his sweetheart; the woman he calls his wife, 40 years later.

KCTV5’s Sandra Olivas was not able to talk to Wyckoff about his good deed, as he was working, but Brown says that this good deed shows the true meaning of kindness.

A more than grateful Brown said that although he is unable to offer Wyckoff any reward money, he would still like to say thank you,  and take his wife out to dinner as a way to show his appreciation.