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Grandmother speaks out after being attacked by two pit bulls

Witnesses threw Bibles at the dogs

One of two pit bulls that brutally attacked elderly grandmother just outside of Austin, Texas. Screen shot via KSDK News.

June O’Hara, 77-years-old, was viciously attacked just outside her home in northern Texas by two pit bulls last week. O’Hara was hospitalized and suffered from bite, gash, and puncture wounds. Part of her scalp had to be reattached after the attack. Animal control officers picked up the dogs, which were later destroyed. The animals’ owner was then cited.

The grandmother was saved by a group of female Jehovah Witnesses who fought off the dogs by throwing Bibles at them. Witnesses said the dogs were literally ripping the elderly woman apart.

O’Hara addressed the Wichita Falls city Council on Tuesday to advocate for dog safety:

“The more I hit them, the more I stabbed at them the more they came after me. I will never walk in this neighborhood again — ever. Something needs to be done sooner than later. A leash law is not enough. I’ve seen small kids in the neighborhood walking these dogs, or I should say, the dogs walking them. If I thought I was going to die, a child never would have survived.”

O’Hara said she has regularly attended City Council meetings since the 1970s. After she spoke, Mayor Glenn Barham gave O’Hara a card from the City Council.

“I was pretty devastated to learn that it was someone that I knew and saw on a regular basis,” Barham said. “I learned about it about late Wednesday night, and I called her Thursday evening.”

Barham noted that breed specific laws cannot be passed in the state of Texas, so O’Hara plans to take her case to the state level.

Clearly traumatized, O’Hara says she will never walk the neighborhood; her neighborhood, again.